Why Buy The Secure Door

Do Not Become A Victim

In 2018 there were 1,401,8400 residential burglaries, 3.6 Billion dollars in property losses, and 75,000 home invasion robberies in the U.S. (U.S.D.O.J. reports.)


The Secure Door vs. Your Typical Entry Door

ODL Severe Weather Missile Impact Testing


Typical Unwanted Home Intrusion Protection

alarm systems

Burglar alarm imageAn alarm system can be an effective deterrent if it works when needed. Over 90% of all reported alarm calls are false. Police response to alarms may be slow at best, or nonexistent. Alarm monitoring can cost as much as $800.00 per year.

wrought iron security doors

Door with wroght iron gateYou can transform your once beautiful home into a place reminiscent of a ghetto or blighted neighborhood with a wrought iron burglar gate.

supplemental locks or latches

Door with chain lockSold in every hardware store and home center. Most of these are "gimmicks" that offer little or no protection against a forced entry. Their effectiveness depends largely on the construction or condition of the door itself. There is no way to certify the effectiveness of these products in an existing door.