Warranty and Guarantee

Product Warranty and Guarantee Agreement

Subject to the limitations and conditions set forth below, The Secure Door warrants that from the date of original purchase, the door panel, door frame, and internal locking mechanism to be free of manufacturer's defects in materials and workmanship for a period of seven (7) years. Minor scratches, small dents, and other visual imperfections will not be considered as defects.

These warranties apply to the original purchaser of the door and frame. If The Secure Door was purchased with or including a Yale™ brand electronic locking mechanism, the The Secure Door warrants the Yale™ electronic lock for a period of one (1) year. THIS WARRANTY IS NOT TRANSFERABLE. IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY FREIGHT DAMAGE, THIS IS COVERED WITHIN THE "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE. This warranty excludes defects in coatings (paints, stains, or otherwise) glass inserts, or any other accessories not provided with the original door purchase. Further exclusions include damage from improper handling, storage, abuse, vandalism, impact by foreigh objects*, fire, acts of God, explosions, improper installation** water infiltration by severe weather conditions, failure of the structures walls, foundation, or other building components in which the door is installed. This warranty is also void due to causes beyond the manufacturers control and that are not related to the manufacturing process.

No other warranties either expressed or implied shall be honored by The Secure Door.

In case of a noted defect, The Secure Door shall at its sole option, furnish a replacement door to the original purchaser. The Secure Door will not pay the cost of labor, installation, finishing or freight for any replacement door. No representative or agent for The Secure Door, has authority to issue any other liability or responsibility for the door warranted herein.

Any warranty claims should be directed to The Secure Door either by e mail, info@TheSecureDoor.com or by calling 1-775-785-0050. Please include any contact information, name and address of owner and installer, proof of sale, detailed explanation of defect including any photographs.

Product Limited Guarantee

Product Limited Guarantee The Secure Door guarantees its door products against "blunt force" and "forced entry." If "forced entry" via "blunt force" by a "covered" means as described below, The Secure Door shall at their sole discretion reimburse the original homeowner up to $1,500.00 (USD) of their homeowner's insurance deductible for up to seven (7) years from purchase date. Conditions apply.

This door product must be properly installed in accordance to The Secure Door written instructions, and by a licensed and insured contractor.** This guarantee applies to the original homeowner, and is not transferable.

Conditions are as follows

* "Impact by foreign objects" is described under "product guarantee".

** Due to the claims and warranty/guarantee offered by The Secure Door, The Secure Door requires that any product sold by The Secure Door or any of its authorized affiliates, or dealers, be properly installed per manufacturers installation instructions, and installed by a contractor currently licensed and insured within the state the door is installed. This warranty and guarantee is void without written proof of installation by a licensed and insured contractor.

*** Forces or objects which are covered by The Secure Door guarantee. Kicking or body slamming by an individual or individuals. Force generated by objects that can be physically carried by one or more individuals and which said objects are used to apply force against the door.

Forces that are not covered by The Secure Door guarantee.

Any guarantee claims should be forwarded by e mail to: info@TheSecureDoor.com or by phone to 1-775-785-0050.