Review our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our products. If you have more questions, please contact us via email at info@thesecuredoor.com or call 1-775-785-0050.

Do you offer doors with sidelights?

We are working on developing sidelights for our door product. We will announce it on our website when they are available.

Are the doors insulated and do they include weatherstripping?
Yes, they are insulated with polyurethane foam and do include weatherstripping.
What type of door handle can be used with this door?
Almost any door handle can be used from most brand name manufacturers. The only type of handle that cannot be used are the types where deadbolt and handle share the same backplate.
Are your doors rated or certified for those areas of the country where hurricanes are common?

We have engineered our doors to be superior in impact protection regardless of the type such as forced entry or high winds. At this point we do not have hurricane impact certification but will initiate the process in the near future.

Why do you only show and use Yale brand lock products? Can we use brands of manual and electronics other than Yale?

We specifically designed our patented locking platform to work with the Yale™ products, both the manual and electronic locks. Yale™ is a well established lock manufacturer, that builds an excellent lock product, when paired with our multi point lock, provides superior impact protection for your home. We trust Yale™ to provide us with the best locks for our doors.

Can we get decorative glass lights other than what is shown on your website?

The ODL™ brand of decorative glass that we offer, both half and full light, is constructed specifically to be impact resistant and is thus impact rated. The other decorative glass lights available to us are not impact rated and cannot be used in our doors.

Why do you recommend that only a qualified-licensed contractor install our new Securedoor?

We highly recommend that a qualified-licensed contractor install The Secure Door  for several reasons. Though a do-it-yourself homeowner or the neighborhood handyman may be able to install our door we can only warrant this door to be effective in thwarting a forced entry. If installed by a licensed contractor, who knows residential construction, and who’s experience in door installation it will result in a flawless finished product.

Can a peep hole be added?

Yes, peep holes can be installed by the homeowner or contractor.

Are instructions for Installation, Frame Finishing, and care, painting, and staining available?

Yes. Download the PDF files: Installation Instructions, Frame Finishing Instructions, and Care, Painting, and Staining Instructions.